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Case Study

Could there be blue blood in your veins?

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The BBC Southern Ways film crew visited S&N Genealogy in Chilmark to see how the world of genealogy has improved with the use of computers and CD-ROMs. S&N invited customers to tell them about their personal research successes and John Bancroft was just one of their local customers that came forward and participated in the filming.

He started his research just a few years ago with a program from S&N and quickly built up a tree of several generations. At this point his son took up the task of researching the connections at Hever castle archives. A local genealogist helped in his quest and helped him make the connections Boleyn's of King Henry VIII fame.

The royal links followed thick and fast and soon he had a tree linking through the Butler family to King Henry II and onwards to King Alfred the Great. Another line links him with William the Conqueror!

So has his family research altered him? No, he hasn't put on any airs or graces.

Has it made any difference then? Well yes! One of his ancestors has set up an educational grant for his descendants. That's definitely a real benefit to his grand children.

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