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Are you related to Royalty?Researching your Family History

If you have rumours of royal blood or links to the rich and famous what should you do?

The obvious thing is to follow the story to as near to the source as possible and interview those family members preferably on tape or video if they are willing.

Then work back along the family line to find the ancestor with the royal link.

There are lots of records you can use to trace your ancestry

These include census records, birth marriage and death records, parish records, directories, military records and more. You can find information on tracing your ancestry at, a simple guide to researching your family history. This site include lots of information on the different types of records and how to use them, and lots more about genealogy and family history. It's a fantastic guide for beginners.

Discovering Royal Ancestors

Discovering that you are related to Royalty can be very rewarding - we have included a case study on this website of someone who found that he had connections to William the Conqueror!

To begin your research into your family history and to find out whether you are descenced from royalty, offers a free search at their website. RootsUK also offers a free search.